Harbour of Elounda

Harbour of Elounda is located in the centre of Elounda

The harbour of Elounda is a small and picturesque port with fishing boats and ferries. It is located in the centre of Elounda next to the main beach and few minutes walk from Schisma beach.

Explore the harbour

Explore the harbour and see the fishing boats and ferries, dine out on the waterfront and enjoy the views and the local cusine. Relax on the beach and swim in the clear water, visit nearby attractions such as the Spinalonga island, the sunken lake in Agios Nikolaos or the village of Plaka.


Visit Spinalonga island

You can take a boat from the harbour of Elounda to visit the Spinalonga island. You can choose from private boat trips, cruises, fishing boats, or mini cruises.